Often people say,”I hate those people who love..” so and so. Okay, first of all, everyone is different..and secondly, if they are, they can help you right? Why hate them?


Every other person in this world is a fruit lover. Not me. And I absolutely loved each and every person who loves them, becausee whenever I take fruits to school, I have a whole lot of help to finish it off, andd Mom…I can’t stop my friends from eating my lunch! It’s against the rules xD Besides, I won’t get the good food otherwise πŸ˜›

But, wait. What happens on the weekend? Without friends, what to dooo?

So, here’s what happened today. A very horrible experience, but worth penning down.

Last night, I’d passed dinner since I wasn’t really feeling hungry, slept early..and got up at 3AM. Then I started to do math, and..time flew by..until 7:30 AM, when signs of a hungry stomach began to develop. I dismissed those signs, and then suddenly I looked up at the clock, and it was 10.

Well, then..I thought I deserved a break and opened up Facebook. For birthday wishes, duh. xD When it was like 10:15, I felt something wrong. Then I realized, nobody had offered me breakfast, or any food! And imagine feeling that, when you have your father, uncle, aunt and grandparents. Aargh. I’m no longer remembered*. Now there are some home rules like don’t shout at father, okay no such rule..lol. But the first solution is always mom. She was in office, so I dialed her number and said that I was feeling hungry. And being a good mom she is, she said, “I’d cut some watermelons in the morning”. Aaah. Delicious, right? Absolutely not. I loathe watermelons. What’s even the point of them? I mean, why have solid water inside your mouth leaving dreadful taste behind, when you can have a normal water which can cool you down, almost instantaneously. Anyway, I just made a grunting sound..so she said that dad had bought some mangoes, and I could cut them and eat. Since I had no other option that time, I gave in.

I have this phobia from knives since every time I use them, I cut my finger somehow. So without checking the refrigerator or anything, I went to the front porch and asked my aunt to cut mangoes for me. Everyone present was surprised by my demand of fruits, which happens, like never. So, she came in, and after looking around, told me that the mangoes weren’t there. I asked dad to confirm, and he said no. So she offered my a whole bowl of grapes, but since they were the green ones, which are like good, I accepted. I ate the whole bowl, and was full…And when I was done, I noticed some watermelons had been kept on my table. I looked around and saw aunt leaving the room. Oh. Someone who knew my distaste for them, but still gave. Evil, huh? Lol, no. She knew I was hungry, and had given me so lovingly. What could I do? I forced like 6-7 inside my mouth, and my eyes almost started to water. They were awful. When I couldn’t take anymore, I took my plate, gave it to her saying that I didn’t like them and was super full. She just smiled….

On the way back to my room, which is 10 steps away, I heard the sound of my scooty. Oh, dad was coming..with mangoes. Aah, nicee. I could eat them after class, maybe, I thought. I begun to study again, and not even 10 minutes had passed, when a plate with fresh mangoes cut came to me, with an adorable eyed aunt. She is so caring, I could almost hug her then. But the sight of more food, damn. It hurt the feelings of my stomach. She came smiling, and I beamed at her too. Why the hell did I!!! I took the mangoes..and one by one, forced them down. After 3 small pieces, I called up mom explaining her my situation, and instead of giving me a solution, she started to laugh. Okay, I geddit that it is a bit funny, but pleasee mom, I’m your own blood! You can’t laugh on me XD She told me to keep it secretly in the refrigerator. Aaah, niceee mom. I tiptoed to the kitchen and had almost kept the plate inside safely until my hand brushed the steel plate covering something. *Thud* And the whole house was there in seconds. Um, sorry..I’m not here…Don’t check the fridge!!!! And God heard me. Thank youuu

And now. It’s 1:45PM. And it’s lunch time. Lunch. Let’s see what’ll happen. xD

*No longer remembered, this statement reminds me of yesterday. After a long time, dad wanted to pick me up from school…nowadays we have half days, so the school gets over by 11:30. So when the school got over, I was naturally expecting him. After 5 minutes, I called him from my phonee. Apparently he was sleeping, and had forgotten all about me. Okay, I tried to understand, standing beneath the 43 degree Celsius sun. It happens. Parents can forget you, of course. xD Then he sort of rushed, and I was just laughing at my situation. He came at around 12:30, and okay, I’d studied that while, and roamed around a bit..so I had calmed down. But hello, girls and no melodrama? Impossible. Possible. Possible when you can’t control your laugh. Or smiles. Even when you get actually angry. Uhm, who the hell is this stupid idiotic person?

*Raises hand*~Present.

Lol, but I did act all angered up..a bit. He’d got me Baskin Robbins’ ice cream though, and if he thought that could cool me down..then he was absolutely right xD

Okay, so that’s all for today. Take care.

And be careful what you wish for, especially when it’s excessive food.


The Best Friend Situation.

“Hey, you’re my best friend”

Me: *smiles on the outside*

Wwww…wait. How can I be so rude and feel not so good about it inside? I mean, those words have more meaning to me than “I love you”, they are more precious. But have they lost meaning?

So, let’s just count how many of them come and go by..

I was 1, yeah a year old. And I had a friend. She and I, we were like the best buddies, and yes, we called each other “best friends”. There. I don’t remember the rest, my childhood wasn’t photographed as much, me being the second child, so I can’t tell what happened. Let’s call her A.

Then, in my Nursery and KG class (KinderGarten. That’s german by the way), I had two new best friends, B and C. After KG, a new branch of my school came up and all the kids got divided. I mean, by choice. I was still in the old one, it was bigger, better, and new isn’t usually favored, I believe. So, those two girls, they went to the other school, and me..in some other.

In my 1st and 2nd grade, D and E. Aah, two more. I can’t keep up now.

3rd grade, I got a new best friend, F. But we fought once because I wanted to do justice in the basketball court.

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So clearly, tomorrow never comes.

Yeah, nobody can deny it, except for those who do value time more than anything else, and I’m clearly not one of them. How unfortunately normal.

On Strangers. Who, Why and How.

β€œIn this world of memories, there’s no need for strangers.
-Kenshin to Kaoru”
― Nobuhiro Watsuki

Okay, what? No way. Sorry Mr. Watsuki, but there’s a thing you need to be reminded of, that all memories begin with strangers.

I shared these amazing moments with them, had my entire life full of their moments. But the point of this post is not to talk about those strangers who are now categorized into friends, and family. Maybe about those, who I met online, over the internet, who helped me with their unbiased opinions and love, some who became “abnormal” friends wanting to hear my words, express themselves, oh and with no complains and no demands.

It’s weird how beautifully they enter our lives, and we still label them as strangers. Because it’s online, duh! How sad, but here I’m not gonna go deep into, “okay, we shouldn’t make them feel so and so, they aren’t strangers once you give them your phone number” etc etc, but I’m gonna launch right into the experiences, how I even met them.

18th April, 2016

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Back to where I was a year ago.

This one’s gonna be short and sweet, since it’s dinner time, and I need it so badly.

Hmm, so today I did what I used to do a year ago when I posted something.


Although it’s nothing like I need someone’s approval for writing what I write, but you do need a review of whether you’re being obnoxious or overtly boring. I only got good responses, maybe because nobody does speak up the real opinion, or maybe it is true. I’ll believe the latter lol.

So, I was back to those online chat sites. There, I did meet a couple of good guys, you know the kind you want to date, that are like boyfriend goals(even if you’ll date a year later), and they did find me cool and stuff. Aha, I must be some kind of Goddess of coolness, I know. Lol. So, I spent some time talking to some people, and realized how much I missed meeting them, new people. It’s nice to get to know someone you don’t find on a regular basis, a different personality altogether. Not those people you’ve been seeing for ages xD. In the morning, I watched a series, when I should’ve studied because I have an exam tomorrow. But it’s like, if you’ve been studying very much for some days, it starts to finally get on your nerves. I’ll deal with some complex numbers though, they’re good πŸ˜›

The best part of the day was eating a chocolate pastry with some strawberry ice cream, it is simply heaven. Dad got it for me, thank God he got it today. If he would’ve bought tomorrow, there would have been no space in my stomach due to the butterflies πŸ˜›

Well, that’s it for today. Nothing special, actually nothing at all.

Don’t worry, will post a good article tomorrow on meeting strangers, a nice topic, right? Will cover all my experiences till now. And they’re many.

Stay tuned!

Might come out as too straightforward.

Well, since this is going to be a total me blog, me anonymous etc etc, and typically boring becauseeee…within a year, I’ll be starting a new blog, which would actually be some great experiences and yess, photos and etc, with my name signed at last instead of some strings lol, I’m gonna be as boring and unsocial as possible.

Sorry for that πŸ˜›

So, let’s begin. Today I’m super crazy happy, I don’t even know why. All good things have been happening since morning *touchwood*. I talked to my best friend, actually made fun of him since he’s short..the joke was “If short people smoke weed, do they get high or medium?” which reminded me of him and I started laughing real hard, after a reallllly long time. And he sent me that angry face..the one in red color xD Damn xD. Then although I’d decided to study and taken out my books, something else demanded my attention. Something special, super special. Guess? Fooooooooooood, obvio πŸ˜› And Mom, too. lol. She bought a bag of chips for me, yaaaay. This reminds me of the sad part of today 😦 Mom went out of station, well, not to some other country, just some other state to visit her mom. That did make me super elated and everything, since she was going there after ages..And that made her excited, but still, there’s no doubt I’m gonna miss her. I never let her know that, becausee I constantly try to prove I’m independent af, and if I have to live alone some time later, I’ll be fine..but still, I think she knows it. It must be the phone calls…(a phone call every hour :P). I have to know whether she’s safe, and had food, fruits, proper seat etc. And I want to hear her voice to feel better. She’ll go buggers if she comes to know that I miss her so much. She does know that I love her very much, I guess that’s good enough.

Moving on, I had class…to be exact, of electrostatics. I loveee it. Physics is now trying to become my friend, I guess I’ll shake hands with it now. And our sir :O He’s sooooo amazing.(Yeah, it’s looks I’m talking about. Obviously he’s genius and everything :P). The class got over like an hour early, which is pretty cool. Yeah. But cool, only if you can go back home. My dad picks me up from my class, but since the class got over early, I was stuck. And in no way was I allowed to go back alone in the evening. I called dad, and got to know that he was still in his office. Oh, damn, damn. But a good thing happened. Apparently, my friend’s driver was about to take half an hour to come. Just perfect. So I offered, that we could go to the mall which was only 10 minutes away, but then she said that her driver was pathetic, so I gave up…And we went back inside the building in an empty class. So, I was like, I’ll study chemistry. But then, there was a platform waiting for meee. Yay. The class board. There’s some kind of magnetism working there, you know. It pulls you, and those board markers; just as if they’re waiting for you. Physics gotta provide some explanation there, because this is so not done. Okay, it is done xD So, I forgot all about chemistry. Pulled out some markers from the drawer and drew 3 concentric circles on the board. Wait, those weren’t your ordinary circles. Those were your spherical shells with some charges on the surface, and out of them, two were connected via a wire, and one was earthed. Also, I had to draw the Gaussian surface to see the charge distribution. Was all that a bouncer? Yeah, well, expected. Not everyone can crack that question…It’s different if you’ve been taught how to solve it only like 10 minutes earlier, which was my case πŸ˜› Lol. So, as I was solving it, the hottie physics teacher entered and asked,”What are you doing? This is my place to stand and write, I believe”…Oooh. This statement might sound very uncool and vague, but in my native language, it sounded like an awesome statement. Β Okay, whatever, so apparently, it wasn’t awesome..it was like he made fun of me. Ugh. But then I showed him that I was revising that question and he said he was proud of me, and I was a good student. There B-). Time came, and my dear friend had to leave. So, I called up my short friend, and he has just started studying so I didn’t want to disturb him. Then I called up a girl from my old school, she used to be a very close friend, and I missed her. So, we talked for a while, and my happiness increased. Lol. Then dad came, and we sung in the car..the songs that were playing on the radio. Aah, it felt good.

And I almost forgot to mention, I gave up my pride and self respect, and texted that third friend. Actually I came across a facebook post which was related to him, and was funny af, so I texted whether any of it was true..and he said “100/100 true”. Lol, that was it. The end of chat, but that also felt nice. So, right now, I’m at the epitome.

Oh, and my friend just called me. Gotta go πŸ˜‰


A Year Long

A Year Long

A year long I was living this person, living as endsofastring.

I don’t know why I decided to let this blog be this way. Not that I’m proud of it, okay, I’m actually not, lol. My motive was to get in touch with me, and I failed it.

But I gained a lot of experiences, a lot many memories, that I’ll never forget. This blog was like the other side of me, and all through the year..I tried to just be one single person. A happy, carefree girl, the way my friends saw me. And what I discovered was, that no, I can’t be smiling always, that I can be sad, it’s a part of me. All this time, only 3 people got to really know me, my personality. Once I’d told them, I got scared. Scared that they would hurt me..in the worst way possible. I would be broken, if they left me, if they hurt me. I was right too. I got hurt, once, twice, thrice…ten times. And blaming these closest friends of mine, and myself for making the mistake of befriending them, I cut off everyone..and just kept the “fast friends”..the ones, for whom I was the coolest person alive with only happiness in life.

I broke these friendships, and in the process, I guess..I was in depression(oh, damn.). I stopped smiling as much(in school I was cool though :P)..I stopped eating, I couldn’t sleep etc etc. (This is all very recent). How did I cope up? I don’t know myself, I guess I just am not used to being sad all the time, so I just kind of cried some days, and then I was back to normal. When I was normal, once of those close friends came back to me(during my physics practical test)..and she said,”I don’t understand your fuck logics. The one friend who is your best friend..you leave her, and tell her to become a stranger. And the other friend, you should be leaving..you’re running after her friendship”. Oops. I tried to tell her what I’m scared of, and how I’d completely lost faith in friendship..but she didn’t understand. And I’m glad she didn’t, because after a while all was normal again.

What happened to the other 2 friends? I couldn’t just simply say bye to one of them..couldn’t cut him off, because he isn’t the heart-to-heart talk person..He knows me the best, but I fail to be sad around him. I just avoided his calls for a while, after which I was stalked on my whatsapp. Damn, caught πŸ˜› So, while I tried to be morose and explain it to him, he made fun of me, made me laugh..and I let of of the pain when I talked to him. Things never went bad with him.

The third one. Oh, I’ve had a crush on him, twiceee. And I’d told him too. Lol. It waaas big deal for me, alright? πŸ˜› But it was easy because it was all “online”. Aha. But..we just ended our friendship like a day ago. Very saddening. I already miss him, I hope he doesn’t see this though. I guess..because it was all online, I never understood him..while he did understand me. And really respected my feelings, and choices. But online friendship? And issues like..me always texting first(which obviously got to me)..and him not trying to stop me, I couldn’t take it. Besides, he was still a stranger. And I couldn’t endure the pain..of him leaving or not saying anything. So, there..I left him, before he could. But he was my favorite person. I hope he does good.

About the good things, I finally like a guy who..is like an angel. I even wrote poetry for him, but now..I’ve decided not to share. Not because it isn’t good, trust me it’s my favorite…it’s something that I’ve written for myself..and him. It’s only him. Next thing, I have an exam tomorrow that I’m definitely gonna screw up, but once in a while is okay, when the exam doesn’t create any difference in life, and I’m sure my sir will understand. After this, I have some brilliant friends, some I’ve left, some I have to..but I won’t. And lastly, the best thing was..some kind of transformation within me. Now I’ve really started to give shit about school. Lol. Although, nowadays..I’m online on whatsapp, becauseee I got sick, aargh, the summer, it’s just too much already, and thereby I have to study over the phone. 100 pages isn’t really a jokee xD I discovered, people find it cool when someone is online all the time and still manages to score well, there..task performed brilliantly. I just tell everyone, that I’m talking to a friend. Liar,liar pants on firee! XD

About the weather, it’s like almost 45 degree celsius alreadyyy. Can you imaginee? I should definitely do a post on “How to be cool this summer” Lol. Poor joke, I geddit.

Now that I’ve spoken all my shit, I feel better.

Thank you blog, for being there a year. I feel me. And that feels nice.


Always the same,


Tying the ends of a string.

P.S. A knot of dreams in head, trying to untangle, nah. Let me fulfill them all instead ❀



Okay, this is gonna be real hard.

It’s not even been a month since I started off with this blog which completely changed my life…..But I’m gonna take a loooong long break of 2 years and then launch myself into this again. There are some reasons which I’ll share with you guys after my break πŸ™‚

I’ll have a fresh start πŸ˜€

I’m gonna miss this very much. But this break is a bit necessary… 😦

So, if you really want to contact me, you can always add me on google+ and hangout(endsofastring), or perhaps, tweet..@endsofastring_1

I’ll try my best to keep in touch.

Until then, toodles πŸ™‚

P.S. I love you all <3. This is me, singing off, for a year or two..

Stay happy. Be a proton πŸ™‚