Okay, this is gonna be real hard.

It’s not even been a month since I started off with this blog which completely changed my life…..But I’m gonna take a loooong long break of 2 years and then launch myself into this again. There are some reasons which I’ll share with you guys after my break 🙂

I’ll have a fresh start 😀

I’m gonna miss this very much. But this break is a bit necessary… 😦

So, if you really want to contact me, you can always add me on google+ and hangout(endsofastring), or perhaps, tweet..@endsofastring_1

I’ll try my best to keep in touch.

Until then, toodles 🙂

P.S. I love you all <3. This is me, singing off, for a year or two..

Stay happy. Be a proton 🙂


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