Might come out as too straightforward.

Well, since this is going to be a total me blog, me anonymous etc etc, and typically boring becauseeee…within a year, I’ll be starting a new blog, which would actually be some great experiences and yess, photos and etc, with my name signed at last instead of some strings lol, I’m gonna be as boring and unsocial as possible.

Sorry for that 😛

So, let’s begin. Today I’m super crazy happy, I don’t even know why. All good things have been happening since morning *touchwood*. I talked to my best friend, actually made fun of him since he’s short..the joke was “If short people smoke weed, do they get high or medium?” which reminded me of him and I started laughing real hard, after a reallllly long time. And he sent me that angry face..the one in red color xD Damn xD. Then although I’d decided to study and taken out my books, something else demanded my attention. Something special, super special. Guess? Fooooooooooood, obvio 😛 And Mom, too. lol. She bought a bag of chips for me, yaaaay. This reminds me of the sad part of today 😦 Mom went out of station, well, not to some other country, just some other state to visit her mom. That did make me super elated and everything, since she was going there after ages..And that made her excited, but still, there’s no doubt I’m gonna miss her. I never let her know that, becausee I constantly try to prove I’m independent af, and if I have to live alone some time later, I’ll be fine..but still, I think she knows it. It must be the phone calls…(a phone call every hour :P). I have to know whether she’s safe, and had food, fruits, proper seat etc. And I want to hear her voice to feel better. She’ll go buggers if she comes to know that I miss her so much. She does know that I love her very much, I guess that’s good enough.

Moving on, I had class…to be exact, of electrostatics. I loveee it. Physics is now trying to become my friend, I guess I’ll shake hands with it now. And our sir :O He’s sooooo amazing.(Yeah, it’s looks I’m talking about. Obviously he’s genius and everything :P). The class got over like an hour early, which is pretty cool. Yeah. But cool, only if you can go back home. My dad picks me up from my class, but since the class got over early, I was stuck. And in no way was I allowed to go back alone in the evening. I called dad, and got to know that he was still in his office. Oh, damn, damn. But a good thing happened. Apparently, my friend’s driver was about to take half an hour to come. Just perfect. So I offered, that we could go to the mall which was only 10 minutes away, but then she said that her driver was pathetic, so I gave up…And we went back inside the building in an empty class. So, I was like, I’ll study chemistry. But then, there was a platform waiting for meee. Yay. The class board. There’s some kind of magnetism working there, you know. It pulls you, and those board markers; just as if they’re waiting for you. Physics gotta provide some explanation there, because this is so not done. Okay, it is done xD So, I forgot all about chemistry. Pulled out some markers from the drawer and drew 3 concentric circles on the board. Wait, those weren’t your ordinary circles. Those were your spherical shells with some charges on the surface, and out of them, two were connected via a wire, and one was earthed. Also, I had to draw the Gaussian surface to see the charge distribution. Was all that a bouncer? Yeah, well, expected. Not everyone can crack that question…It’s different if you’ve been taught how to solve it only like 10 minutes earlier, which was my case 😛 Lol. So, as I was solving it, the hottie physics teacher entered and asked,”What are you doing? This is my place to stand and write, I believe”…Oooh. This statement might sound very uncool and vague, but in my native language, it sounded like an awesome statement.  Okay, whatever, so apparently, it wasn’t awesome..it was like he made fun of me. Ugh. But then I showed him that I was revising that question and he said he was proud of me, and I was a good student. There B-). Time came, and my dear friend had to leave. So, I called up my short friend, and he has just started studying so I didn’t want to disturb him. Then I called up a girl from my old school, she used to be a very close friend, and I missed her. So, we talked for a while, and my happiness increased. Lol. Then dad came, and we sung in the car..the songs that were playing on the radio. Aah, it felt good.

And I almost forgot to mention, I gave up my pride and self respect, and texted that third friend. Actually I came across a facebook post which was related to him, and was funny af, so I texted whether any of it was true..and he said “100/100 true”. Lol, that was it. The end of chat, but that also felt nice. So, right now, I’m at the epitome.

Oh, and my friend just called me. Gotta go 😉



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