Back to where I was a year ago.

This one’s gonna be short and sweet, since it’s dinner time, and I need it so badly.

Hmm, so today I did what I used to do a year ago when I posted something.


Although it’s nothing like I need someone’s approval for writing what I write, but you do need a review of whether you’re being obnoxious or overtly boring. I only got good responses, maybe because nobody does speak up the real opinion, or maybe it is true. I’ll believe the latter lol.

So, I was back to those online chat sites. There, I did meet a couple of good guys, you know the kind you want to date, that are like boyfriend goals(even if you’ll date a year later), and they did find me cool and stuff. Aha, I must be some kind of Goddess of coolness, I know. Lol. So, I spent some time talking to some people, and realized how much I missed meeting them, new people. It’s nice to get to know someone you don’t find on a regular basis, a different personality altogether. Not those people you’ve been seeing for ages xD. In the morning, I watched a series, when I should’ve studied because I have an exam tomorrow. But it’s like, if you’ve been studying very much for some days, it starts to finally get on your nerves. I’ll deal with some complex numbers though, they’re good 😛

The best part of the day was eating a chocolate pastry with some strawberry ice cream, it is simply heaven. Dad got it for me, thank God he got it today. If he would’ve bought tomorrow, there would have been no space in my stomach due to the butterflies 😛

Well, that’s it for today. Nothing special, actually nothing at all.

Don’t worry, will post a good article tomorrow on meeting strangers, a nice topic, right? Will cover all my experiences till now. And they’re many.

Stay tuned!


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