So clearly, tomorrow never comes.

Yeah, nobody can deny it, except for those who do value time more than anything else, and I’m clearly not one of them. How unfortunately normal.

On Strangers. Who, Why and How.

“In this world of memories, there’s no need for strangers.
-Kenshin to Kaoru”
― Nobuhiro Watsuki

Okay, what? No way. Sorry Mr. Watsuki, but there’s a thing you need to be reminded of, that all memories begin with strangers.

I shared these amazing moments with them, had my entire life full of their moments. But the point of this post is not to talk about those strangers who are now categorized into friends, and family. Maybe about those, who I met online, over the internet, who helped me with their unbiased opinions and love, some who became “abnormal” friends wanting to hear my words, express themselves, oh and with no complains and no demands.

It’s weird how beautifully they enter our lives, and we still label them as strangers. Because it’s online, duh! How sad, but here I’m not gonna go deep into, “okay, we shouldn’t make them feel so and so, they aren’t strangers once you give them your phone number” etc etc, but I’m gonna launch right into the experiences, how I even met them.

18th April, 2016

Apparently, on this day, I’d made the first post, which was an intro to my personality, and the why behind this blog which is no longer available to see. Lol.

So, what does one do when one writes a post? Seeks reviews, or followers, or both. I was wanting to get some reviews too, those unbiased ones. That led me to this site, called Apparently, you’ll find out soon enough that people come on these sites to get laid, not actually, get e-laid, enjoy flirty chats, roleplay, or some decent ones, just to make new friends, see new people. I came across these gigantic personas, and saw that some were nice, others toooo nice(I hope you get what I mean to say), oh, and some personalities, too hard to even digest. And the first person who was actually interested in reading my blog was a pretty chill type person. And I was glad he read it all, because I got what I needed.  I came for like two days, and didn’t go back, because I felt I could spread the word about my blog on somewhat more decent sites like maybe twitter, or google+. That wasn’t quite helpful since there was no way I could get people to read and review! No friends policy got me nowhere. But I didn’t mind that either, maybe because I didn’t feel the need anymore. Or perhaps, the stranger who’d read my blog contacted me via hangouts. Aha, there,’ve become a part of my life alreadyy. Lol. Somehow we clicked at that moment, and I got my audience too.

So, it was that day when I realized how everyone is once a stranger. The future of that person in your life, how major, or how important, depends on you. More than that, I never gave my blog ID to my friends, and they don’t even know that I write, and so, I got attached to this online friend, this abnormal strange person who knew me more, more than anyone. It isn’t important for you to remain close to such a person, but yes, talking to a stranger isn’t bad. It’s great. It’s a marvelous feeling knowing that someone knows every damn thing about you, and lol, you’ll never meet that person. There’s this implicit promise of keeping you and everything about you a secret, which is something you can hold on to and trust.

Nobody knows about this friendship, and it has every real part of you.

And that part makes it  a little more special ❤


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