The Best Friend Situation.

“Hey, you’re my best friend”

Me: *smiles on the outside*

Wwww…wait. How can I be so rude and feel not so good about it inside? I mean, those words have more meaning to me than “I love you”, they are more precious. But have they lost meaning?

So, let’s just count how many of them come and go by..

I was 1, yeah a year old. And I had a friend. She and I, we were like the best buddies, and yes, we called each other “best friends”. There. I don’t remember the rest, my childhood wasn’t photographed as much, me being the second child, so I can’t tell what happened. Let’s call her A.

Then, in my Nursery and KG class (KinderGarten. That’s german by the way), I had two new best friends, B and C. After KG, a new branch of my school came up and all the kids got divided. I mean, by choice. I was still in the old one, it was bigger, better, and new isn’t usually favored, I believe. So, those two girls, they went to the other school, and some other.

In my 1st and 2nd grade, D and E. Aah, two more. I can’t keep up now.

3rd grade, I got a new best friend, F. But we fought once because I wanted to do justice in the basketball court.

4th and 5th grade were sort of a blur. That time, a guy used to sit with me. Initially I got to know that he liked me, and I was creeped out. Becausee, come on 4th? We were kids then! But somehow in 5th grade, when my class teacher made me sit with him, we became friends. Let’s call him best friend G.

In 6th grade, all the classes were to be reshuffled because we had to choose a third language. So I’d chosen Sanskrit, because Mom knew a bit, and my brother, who’d taken up German thought that German couldn’t be my cup of tea. So, for the first few months I had my BFFs’ H and I. And after a few months, when I realized that the class I was in consisted of idiot kids, for whom 90% was a dream come true, I changed the language and got into a good section. With bright kids. There, through the 6th grade I had best friends um, yeah I,J and K. In 7th, J and K were with me, but “I” wasn’t really happy with me. So the friendship ended, well okay, because I usually teased her. Meanwhile, a new best friend came to take her place, M. Oh, his name started with an M too. Lol. In the 8th grade, I somehow managed to get close to altogether a different group in the same class. There were fours guys, N, O, P anddd G. Yeah, the old one. In addition, two girls, Q and R. Woah, that’s big. And it wasn’t some wannabe group just by the way, in case people wonder lol. It was like a topper’s and..not so topper’s group. lol. That was one of my best classes. I’ll tell you an incident, we used to have scholarship in school for the best 10 children among 440. And, 6 were from my section in which me, G,N,O,P and another guy from my class was there. We used to have fun in the practice session. Yeah, practice! To just receive a cheque! School formalities be like duuuh. We played this game, the memory game. Everyone’s played it once in their lives, I bet. The boring one with fruit names, right? I had an idea that time. What we did was, instead of fruit names, we selected a person’s name and each person would speak an adjective about the person, and repeat the earlier part. The idea was to say really bad shit about that person. Lol. So, even if you don’t swear and someone mentions a bad word in the game, you had to say it. Owwwh. It used to be fun, we used to keep laughing. Omg lmao. That reminds me, we even used to tease a guy, and of course, tease with a girl’s name. But that girl was junior, and even though she was intelligent and getting scholarship, there was something about her, that made us laugh. Of course we didn’t laugh in front of her. But on stage, when she used to sit in the audience, once we started laughing so lard, that the teachers literally sent us to the Principal. But the good part is, the Principal never scolds bright children B)

Anyway, in 9th grade we were reshuffled again. Because that’s like entry into Secondary School. So, new class, new friends. But old best friends this time.

In 10th grade,the school tried to be cool and divided us again. A new section, “The Ability Section” was formed, for those who did well and stuff. So from all classes, the good kids were selected. Let me tell you, at the time, this idea seemed bullshit. But after the year was over, we were thankful it did happen, since for all of us, it was the best year. One thing that seemed idiotic to me were the girls. I geddit that I’m pretty sensitive, but those girls, they were crying! Ugh. Firstly, you can’t cry in front of others. Hello, self respect? And secondly, it wasn’t as if the planet was getting changed. The classroom was just a few STEPS away. I felt pretty weird, not crying. So like, 4 guys and me+2 girls were selected from my section. One of them was…best friend J! LOL. I joined the guys, since the girls pushed me away for not crying! Sorry?

At the end of 10th grade, I had 6 best friends. Where did I leavee? Yeah, so S,T,U,V,W and J xD Oh, by the way, S is the same guy who was the 6th guy selected in scholarship from our class.

After 10th grade, I changed my school. Distance probs. -_-

In 11th grade, I found A and B!! Actually, I’d met them before during my German tutions, yeah, I’d taken up German afterwards. So, it was really emotional seeing them again. In 11th grade……NO NEW BEST FRIENDS. Whyyy? I kinda had my heart in those 10th grade ones, oh, and our group’s called Seven Up.

But…at the end of 11th grade, one of my classmates said, “You’re my best friend”.

And that was the end of it.

Okay, not. Obviously. So, I smiled at her, and said, “Uh, of course I am!”.

Who the hell is my best friend?

I went to Germany a while ago. And there I bought a pendent. There were 2 chains, each with a half heart. And when put together, it says “Partner in Crime”. I found it super cutee. At that moment, I thought I’d give it to best friend Q. Why Q? Because there was some different feeling about that friendship. Um, what? When I’d bought the pendent, I felt she was my true friend..because her friendship, words affected me the most. Once, she came home for the first time, and when she was going, I began to cry even though we were gonna meet at school the next day. (P.S. I’m straight 100% :P)Then, it was also the friendship in which I was hurt the most. Sometimes the feeling of helping and getting used get quite vivid. Like, in this friendship, I was getting used. Around the exams, if there was a fight, we would say sorry, everything would be fine, and when I wasn’t needed, then nope.

Back home, I had 2 friends, since childhood that I didn’t mention. X and Y. X shifted to some other state after a few years, but Y had been with me since I was a kid. We discussed everything, went to each other’s house even at 2am, had fun. And I felt she was the most deserving one. There, the half heart given.


Yeah, very.

It’s just that sometimes you need to realize that in order to be close to someone, to be open, to be able to discuss everything, even since childhood, that person doesn’t need to be tagged as your best friend. We can have many good, true friends, right?

Until we can get that inner feeling, I don’t think anyone needs a tag more than friend. Come on friendship is everything. You can give away your life for any person, anyone. It doesn’t have to be a single best friend who is important to you. Just like love isn’t everything. Okay, maybe to some it is. But for me, friendship is way more greater than love. Out of the topic, lol.

But who’s the best friend?

Uh, please. Next question?


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